Instagram Scam through PayPal?

A few days ago I have sold an instagram account for 850 USD . The buyer sent me the right amount but I only received 816 USD because of the fees. Now he asked me for a refund because the account didn’t have the original email included. I had also bought it from someone else a few months ago and the person assured me that the account had the original e-mail included, therefore I passed the false information to him, thinking that the account truly had the original e-mail. Today he asked for a refund and I agreed on sending him a total refund even though I would have to pay the fees too. Now the amount of 850 USD isn’t in my account’s balance anymore. PayPal is holding it so I went to the Resolution Center to check what my options are. I had two: one of them was to either send him the full refund but legally he wouldn’t have to give me the account back, or to send the refund and get the account back too. I chose the second option but a message from PayPal popped up, informing me that I cannot send him the full refund since I do not have enough money in my balance . I would need about 50 more USD. I am really worried. Do I have to add money to my balance until I have the exact amount of USD that has to be refunded (850) in order for the refund to be sent to him… or would I have to pay twice and I would lose the money I already had in my balance? I would truly appreciate if you guys could help me… I don’t know whether he is trying to scam me or I just didn’t know about a rule PayPal has when it comes to refunds… Thank you!

For future reference you can check if an account has the original email by asking the seller to log the account from windows/mac and go into privacy settings.There should be a list with all previous emails and usernames.
Also original email doesn’t matter anymore,it’s useless if you change email at least 2 times,that link from IG doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks, I didn’t know why so many people were insisting on getting the original email too. But I am more worried about the issue with PayPal :sweat_smile:

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Best bet is to call their call center in your local country. Normally if your account has not been destroyed by their automated system, they are actually helpful.

But stay away from Paypal. Use things like Transferwise ( if you want to be safe. Especially if stuck money bothers you or even breaks your neck business-wise.