Instagram Scraper Accounts [ GIVE AWAY ]

Hello Community.

I’ve been working on create HQ Instagram Scraper Accounts, and i think is time to let them fly.

I will give away 1acc for the first 10 persons who comment IWANTIT.

It is important to me to get a feedback about the accounts and how they are working on. Then feel free to leave a comment or DM me! I’ll be thankful.

IMPORTANT things you should be aware:

  • Accounts were created using raw mobile proxies.

  • Warmup of these accounts is highly recommended . 10/100 ( h/d ) api calls at least the first day. Delay actions 1 - 2 hours after login.

  • Each account have 0 posts and few (or zero) followers.

  • Emails are not provided with the accounts.

  • Accounts are young and made them for scraping pourpuse.

  • Accounts should login without ask for PV/EV.

Best Scraping!!

IWANIT :smiley:

I will give it a go and will let you know :smiley:

IWANTIT. - thanks mate :partying_face:

IWANTIT. - thanks

Sent :handshake:

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Sent :handshake:!

!Sent :handshake:


Thanks :wink:

Let’s make it fly!

IWANTIT - Cheers!


Thank you!


Thank you!



Just one left! :crazy_face:


Thanks :slight_smile:

IWANTIT, thanks :slight_smile:

All Delivered guys.

I hope hear from you soon!


Account connected right away in API and EB with 4G proxy.
It was created with a +49 3 days ago.
With an Italien proxy.
I changed PW, deleted and added own email.
Let’s see how it performs…

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Giveaway over. Closing the topic :slight_smile: