Instagram Scraping Followers

Do you know of any online scraping websites. I just want to scrape followers of a username

You can use jarvee. It depends on how many you need. All the public scraper bots suck. Don’t know of any private

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Quit spamming the threads

Im not spamming, i see a lot of people looking for ways to scrape emails and data from instagram. The goal here is to help someone as i have been through this process and no longer need all these emails

Help > Sell * :slight_smile:

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I understand where you are coming from, its called help because someone will benefit from the data i own.

Can’t wager the authenticity of scraping websites - but there are tools for this kind of scraping. Jarvee, Socinator are quite famous. Some people hire developers too if it’s a small one time task.

I can scrape any account followers for you

When you post 3 times saying the same thing basically within a small time frame, then it’s spam. If it was just the once I would have left it alone.

Hello the best way to scrape in my opinion is to use a personalized software bot using a python script. I used jarvee and all other platforms before and they kill the accounts too quickly

Please be advised that Jarvee is not the one killing/blocking the accounts. The error/block message you see there is what Instagram shows when the action was being executed and Jarvee just copied to show why the action cannot be completed.