Instagram Selfie-Maker for Appeals

Are you aware of any bot or software which can automatically insert the code to pretaken selfie?

As someone who has co-developed such a thing:
It’s not worth it anymore. Your rejection rate will be higher than doing real appeals, doing convincing handwriting is just not as easy as making memes of Donald holding executive orders.
You are competing against Facebook’s AI and their human workers. Just the recent Appeal System updates show that they are aware of misuse of this system and will fight back - requiring you to login into the App for each account, asking for ID’s and so on.

Image manipulation in this area is very math centric, and I doubt anyone would go that mile just to give it away, even less likely if it doesn’t help in the end.

Spamming the form with the same image over and over is also not a good idea, hence we had a catalog of 10.000+ images, all hand-selected and adjusted for this.

So if you don’t have hundreds of accounts that need constant appeals, then your benefit from this will be 0. If a handful accounts are not worth 30 min of work per day, just drop them.

I know people here spend hours on-end tweaking their Automation settings to push that little bit of extra,so I would expect similar dedication for their lost children :slight_smile:


I see, schoko i think instagram never ever responds to this two forms right:

I submitted so many appeals this two forms, submitted my real identity but no response.

I bought a membership and count on it now. They also appealed 5 times but still nothing happened :frowning:

Both forms work, if you never receive a reply (either no Verification code email or Answer to your selfie) there is another underlying problem

They dont ask for a selfie when i apply those 2 forms?

Then you already got yourself locked out of the system. the flow is very simple:

  1. Fill out the Form
  2. Receive Email with a Code
  3. Take a selfie with the piece of paper, code, Username, and Name from the appeal form
  4. Send in selfie
  5. Get a response

rinse and repeat. If one of the steps fails for you, it’s hard to diagnose - but not receiving the code is most likely not IG’s fault.

I only get an email with the code via the official form (you always mention). The other two forms are not working. What do i do?

to be honest with you, i tried with several different accounts and none of them got a response

Nope, i submitted my id and sent another appeal via 3059 form with a totaly new username but still no response…

What an interesting query. I didn’t think something like this would exist.