Instagram Selfie Verification

Dear friends,

does anyone else have the problem with this kind of verification?

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What kind of problem do you have with this kind of verification?

At the end of the verification it shows me error.

Which kind of error ?

“Sorry, try again later” ?

Yes, exactly! :confused:

Then, try changing your proxy / connection type. If it doesn’t work, connect from an other device :slight_smile:

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I’ve allready tried that :confused:

Then, i would reach out to Instagram support and wait, i guess

Thanks! I did it, so i am waiting then

I have same problem if you learn anything, please tell us. Thanks.

Since when do you have it?

Please keep us posted. I’ve been getting those issues with a couple of my accounts so I am thinking if it’s worth submitting a form each time my accounts get that kind of request.