Instagram shadow videos

Why My recent post are shadows
Can anyone know about this and help me please

Are you able to open those video posts? Do they run correctly or?

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I’m able to open the videos
Actually this happened after
I purchased Fake followers to make the account look professional
I can make ads on Instagram
So I don’t know if that was the cause

Did you change the Cover of your videos before posting them? Sometimes the first or last frame of a video can be solid black.

Also, I wouldn’t advise you to purchase fake followers, especially with the current algorithm. It’ll mess up your account.

Fake followers will damage your account forever, you will struggle with low reach, bad engagement…etc, keep it real, organic, also, if IG shadowban your videos they won’t remove the cover of the video it will be done in another way, change your video cover as the guy above said and you should be good.