Instagram shadownban: what can i do?

Goodmorning everyone.
I make this post because I hope you can help me. About a month ago instagram shadowed me, as my posts no longer appeared among the hashtags. A few weeks ago I started to appear again among the hashtags but the impressions have drastically dropped. Can you tell me if and when everything will return to normal?

Here is the things with hashtags now a days.

You may appear on a hashtag, but IG only shows your post to people IG algo believes would be interested in your content. Just because you appear in a hashtag doesn’t mean everyone will be offered to see it.

yes I am aware of this. I asked why before the ban I had 20 times the impressions I have now.

Ok. Here is the thing.

Lately your are not the only one experiencing shitty ER. Now some people may come to here now and claim they have perfect ER. I don’t bother. I can see acroos my profiles that ER has dropped dramatically.

In you case you may wanna give it more time. Just because you start showing up on hashtags again, doesn’t mean your account has recovered restriction fully.

Has anything changed? Your content quality?
Time of posting? Ask youraelf these basic questions.
Have you tried looking up your profile in search with a 3rd. Instagram profile? Do you even show up on the list in search?
Have you posted any othe hashtags under your former posts, that may be blacklisted today. This can still affect your profile. Take a look and make sure you don’t have any.

If everythings seems to be OK.
Then you can try IG ads. Just a few times. See if things change and ER start growing. Then go off ads. Again. ER will be bad after going of ads. But will come to normal again. This could be a workaround to see if your profile is still shadowed.

Lastely you can sit back and wait for things to back to normal again. Cause believe or not, with time it will.

Great luck to you.

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Thanks so much. I will try