Instagram Shopping: can't connecting IG to FB catalogue

Hey - has anyone seen this before?

I am trying to set up Instagram shopping. I have a facebook page with shopping, and the facebook page is connected to my Instagram account.

When I go to the catalogue manager I can’t connect my Instagram account. It says “Not eligible for Instagram Shopping”

I’m in Australia, they are physical products, it’s a business account, IG is linked to FB… I can’t see any reason I would be ineligible.

What am I missing? Has anyone been here before? Possible workarounds?

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You need to manage your catalog and have your page linked through facebook business.

Once I had a problem with catalogs and not been able to tag products and solved by contacting Facebook Ads Support. They solved in a matter of days.

Thanks for the response! Really appreciate it

I do manage my catalog and have my page linked through facebook business… This is my settings page for the catalog

Is that what you meant?

Great idea to reach out to Facebook Ads support.

Make sure you have converted your IG account to Business.

Other than that facebook ads support should help you.

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IG account is business… I’m struggling to find a way to contact fb ad support. It seems everything pushes me back to their help documentation :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hey! Im having the same problem! Did you find out what the problem was Jess? Getting crazy!

No, I never found a solution. Let me know if you find one!

Hey, this may help you. When you are in Ads manager there is a small question mark in the top right corner. Click it, scroll down to “still need help” when the screen comes up see “support” towards the top middle of the page, then scroll down the page and see if you have an option to “chat” with a FB Ad support person. I’ve found not all accounts have this feature. Hope this helps :))

Try remove the Instagram sales channel from your Shopify account and then re-add it, so they do the process again. Ive had it before where the first time was rejected and the second time it went through.

Don’t have a Shopify account, only a business manager. But I manage to find the Ads manager, it was really helpful!

Try the support chat! Still haven’t worked it out but it was helpful, seems to be a Business Manager problem…

Ah sorry didn’t see you were running Woocommerce and not Shopify. Yeah its a little trickier then, but looks like you getting there. Good luck!

@Jess1 - did you fix this, Im having the exact same thing - very frustrating

I encountered exactly the same problem 6 months ago. And I ended up solving it.

How I fix it :
The business category of your Instagram account (shoes, jewelry, etc.) should be exactly the same as your facebook page.

Hope this can help you.

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I’ve tried that and it’s not working for me

Has anyone got this sorted, it’s super frustrating that you can’t talk to a human at FB or Instagram. Mine says the same as the screenshot above. I’m not sure if it just means I’m still waiting for approval or not! Confused!

I chatted to someone yesterday and they spent over an hour looking into the exact same thing and in the end said they had no idea and that I should just continue to pay for adverts like I have been doing. This has been going on for a year and noone helps. Useless!!!