Instagram show me login page with proxy


I try to open instagram profiles with proxy but always show me login page,
anyone know some proxy who work normal without login page?

Thank you.

hey @tik88 :slight_smile: What do you mean by login page? Send us screenshot of what you see. And where do you try to open IG profile, are you doing this in some browser?

I’m not really sure what you mean. Were you not logged in to your account when you’re trying to visit those profiles?

i try to open:

instagram show me always login page,
i try with 10 proxies each is from other provider but instagram always show me login page,
anyone please help?

So what exactly happens when you actually login to your account?

i try open instagram profile or tag without logged

which type of proxies are you trying to use? datacenter, residential or mobile?

datacentar and residental

Your Proxy is flagged and already used for the Instagram page,this is the reason you are forced to login without even scrolling for few seconds without getting the prompt to be logged in.

i not use datacentar proxy 1month but still show login page

Just a bump here - this has been rolled out further. We ran some tests and this also affects a lot of Residential proxy providers, Datacenter IPs, as well as normal users and their landline internet services. Mobile IP’s are not affected by this :slight_smile:

Anyone else sees a similar pattern in their region?

and mobile also have this problem after several requests will show login page, when i say several i mean on maybe 20 requests and you will see login page, terrrible

anyone have solution?

Have you tried using 4G Mobile proxy for that account?

i tried, with 4g work but return fast 429 and after 1hour not used still is 429