Instagram + Snapchat JV

Hello, is anypne interested for JV to drive people from Instagram to Snapchat? I f you are interested, add me on Skype. My Skype is Live:Chrttus and we can talk abut details!!!


What the heck is JV

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I am guessing “joint venture.” Like, this person wants to team up.

Or we’re joining the Junior Varsity insta-squad, idk.


Junior Varsity Squad FTW!


yes, its Joint Venture. Like business cooperation or partnership!

so, anyone interested for cooperation? i making now 1,5k with snapchat daily, but dont have time to run ig accounts. Ping me! If you know how to run 300+ accounts without ban, ping me and we can talk about details :wink:

I’m interested. My Skype is: Rett Fisher

added you. My skype is live:chrttus

How would you track metrics on snapchat though?

just check story views. its only metrics which you can monitor. you can counting adds manual too, but no one dont do that!i recieve 200-300 adds / hour so i cant count by hand. only views is metrics

Added you on my alt Skype…I’m out of town.

Lmao 13 chars

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