Instagram spies on this forum

Just removed the URL in my bio on mpsocial, as it had an IG account attached to it that I’m growing - didn’t think about the possibility that IG spies :male_detective: could be / are on here

Just a pointer, am sure most of you already know this


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Of course,

Why would you post a link to your own account on a forum that’s around blocks and bans.

@T-tech it was an oversight, we all make mistakes bro, I didn’t want anyone else to make the same mistake

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I highly doubt that this forum causes any financial disadvantage to Instagram, employing “spies” also seems very unlikely.

Everyone with an internet access can browse this forum. Why be paranoid?
The key is to keep adapting to whatever changes will occur in the future.

IG doesn’t give a damn about single profiles. What could be interesting to them, is the holes in their system, that we kindly share in here and a week after they close down by an update :wink:

What is shared and revealed here only takes a few hours before it reaches other not so well reputed forums.

Actually they don’t have to follow any forums.
The weekend botters all look for an easy setup.
Once someone shares a setup that semi works somehow, they all copy that setting, which leaves a huge pattern for IG to see. Easy fix you see.


@ArthurAxton not paranoid, just being careful

exactly my thoughts, any “magical solution” which is discussed, especially in lvl1, is patched within days, they must be thankful, we are basically “the hackers that find the exploits” and we are getting rewarded with tempblocks/ACs/hardblocks ehehe :smiley:

the irony

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sup Mr. IG guy, if you want to destroy us just do the following

  • make it impossible to see users that follow account XYZ (just like you implemented with likes this year)
  • limit daily follows to 30 a day, unless a paid/premium user that has no limits (see Tinder)

have a blessed new year

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Exactly! Couldn’t have said it any better myself :joy:

Instagram does not need to spy here, they have all the data themself on their servers (client logging) and know who bots and who does not. Only reason why bots are still possible is because sometimes even humans look like bots and machine learning hard limits need to be placed in a way that real users are not blocked out of the platform :slight_smile:


Damn, I wish you had it there now so I can take your Instagram account down. By the way, I am Instagram spy.
(sarcasm) :smiley:

sorry Mr Zuckerberg, I promise to stop gaming your systems :crossed_fingers:

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Yep I just got a hard block for 1 week for doing manul actions

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Exactly, many people do not understand that :slight_smile:

do you think you were bashing the manual actions too heavily, in order to get a 7 day hard block?

I got a 24 hour hard block on an account only used on a phone via 4G, was 100% inactive for 5 days, opened the app and went to like the first photo that showed up in the feed. ONE PHOTO! And it received that 24 hour block, so whatever “heavily” means can probably completely vary from account to IP to device based on whatever logic they’re employing to detect it.

So funnily enough, you can be a nobody with 10 followers and be treated like a spambot selling goldenshower camgirl cpa spam to children (accounts that ironically can somehow keep going sometimes) and instantly be locked out of your account because they are truly a bad platform. Or you can just have a normal user experience. The range is all over the map and seems to be really poorly designed.

Nope, just a few months old, no automation or previous blocks, it’s even PV’d. Had 20 followers and 17 followings at the time. I’ve been slowly warming it up at random, filling it with pictures.

Just find it silly that things like this are even a discussion at all :stuck_out_tongue: because really, it shouldn’t happen to anyone.

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The account you got the 24hr hard block on, did you get any temp blocks prior to the hard block, or was it a hard block out of the blue? Had that account been automated previously and had someone been overdoing following/unflowing etc?

@ian that’s mental - could it of been the content you were posting? You weren’t selling goldenshower camgirl cpa spam to children were you? :rofl:

IG has clearly picked up on something (correctly or incorrectly) to implement a hard block. You could be right though, it may be a glitch or poor design in their algorithims, like you suggested

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If the creator of this forum honestly would have a problem with this they wouldn’t integrate the Facebook connect option. So I don’t see any problem. Besides that I’m sure Instagram knows better than anyone else about their own Plattform