Instagram Start | Tell me how you do it!

Hi, guys!

In the last months I saw that many of you use MP for Instagram. So I’ve decided to start exploring with my personal account to get an idea.

How do you monetize with your Instagram accounts?
Affiliate Marketing, driving traffic to your webpage, Sponsored Post Program?
Do you simply post links with pictures or do you need to send messages?

At this point, I monetize with Facebook, posting links that drive traffic to my webpage where I use AdSense and other ad network…
You can do the same with Instagram or which is the most profitable way to use it?

P.S.: I’ve surfed trough the other posts on this topic, but I felt like all of them started from a point where you already know how this works.

Thank you!

The entire forum is about making money on Social networks and most threads are related to promotion on Instagram.

To start, check these 2 threads below. Nobody will spoonfeed you here.

P.S. IG + adsense = won’t work IMO.