Instagram Statistics

Nope, I’m not :slight_smile: try it and see what’s happening.
Make sure you add the coupon discount while you proceed the payment.

ps: I’m Adina, other co-founder here :smiley:

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Really? Oh thanks thats actually pretty cool that you did that. Btw, why are we limited to only 50 profiles and hashtags? Why is it not unlimited?

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Because of the Instagram rate limit plus the cost of our infrastructure.


Hey, Danny!

No need to authorize every account in Just add at the beginning your IG details or one of your clients, then add the profiles wanted.

Thanks for the Black Friday deal!

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you!

any tool that shows engagement for specific locations?

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Hi, related hashtags would be a nice feature

Also, thanks so much for the tool, getting gr8 viral content for Facebook has never been easier. I’m having excelent results, you guys kicked buzzsumo out off business.

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I would like to remind you that there is no selling outside of the Marketplace for which there is an approval process.

I’m assuming you mean you get 50% off from the monthly fee, for the life of your account?

Lifetime implies you pay a one-time “lifetime” fee and the above coupon gives you 50% of that fee, which I could not see anywhere on your website.


Get a sales thread like everyone else.



heeey! didn’t know the rules, but @Johnny already guided me. thanks :slight_smile:

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what a great day :slight_smile: I’m glad I can help :slight_smile:

Yep, talked with me, they’ll get a sales thread soon, till then, if anyone needs it, it’s just a discount deal :slight_smile:

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Hey man, how to get access? Thanks

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interested :slight_smile:

PM me please.

You can check this thread:

The coupon is valid until december 1st.


Can you sent me a PM please, thank you…