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Hi everyone,

I was just curious as to what other marketers use to keep track of their client’s statistics. Currently I am using Seek Metrics, they are pretty cheap but the product is definitely not sexy at all. The design and the actual report they give you is mediocre at best. But their price is probably the best I’ve seen. What’s everyone else using?


If you need somthing like this let me know and I will send you a PM


Personally working on instagram analytics that won’t require auth, like socialblade just on steroids.
Here’s a snippet:


I just started using Social Insider: There was a lifetime deal on appsumo last month. They just launched IG analytics so Pretty basic but have requested some feature improvements and analytics to track.


Hi, I use SocialRank. they have also analytics that wont requrie auth at the pro version, like socialblade. But I think this costs around 700 a month. something like you work on @hvp17

please send me a pm

me too pls, PM

Heeey! Thanks for the mention :heart_eyes:


Hi Henry i need something like that! Can u pm me?

Can you export those stats to PDF?

Hey @socialinsiderio looks nice!

I especially like the engagement and hashtags reports. I send my clients weekly updates, so your software could be very helpful.

I hope you can help me understand your features better; 2 questions:

  1. I see you have max acces to analytics of 50 IG accounts. What would be the pricing I need more IG accounts?
  2. Does it require authorization for every account? As in do I need to login for every account?


i love socialblade. an even better version of socialblade would be epic!

PM me please. I am interested.

Hey, Marie!

Thanks for your question :slight_smile:

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Many IG accounts do you want need to monitor?
  2. No, it doesn’t require authorization for every account added.
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You cannot export directly to pdf from the dashboard, but you have the option to export the pptx to pdf. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

how about making ur service free? forever?

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How about you stop being cheap? SIMPLE

This is the way to ask.


So, talked to the guys - they were really not on-board with any big discount.
Regardless - I went over their head and created a discount code for 50% off lifetime.

It will be available for a couple of days or until the guys find out about it :smiley:

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