Instagram Stories new display

Hi all,

In a few accounts we got the new IG way to display the stories on the very top of the main page, we think that it brings a really good opportunity as now users can see the story before clicking it.

We implemented a few teasers, with good text size and ppl response is very good.

What your ideas about this new feature?

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Can you post a screenshot to see how this feature works?

This is what IG says about them:
“We recently updated the design of the stories bar that you see while scrolling through feed. This update makes it easier to preview the stories from the people and accounts you care about.”

and you can scroll it.

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Interesting. I’d be interested to see how this plays out on the full released version of the app. Seems a bit large & disruptive to the native experience by my hunch, but definitely useful for engagement opportunities.


The image is how it looks in the app, you see 4 of the tiles in the top where before were 5 circles.

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Thanks for sharing this, @IGsocialize!

Thanks Gracias

It’s really great that IG let us see IG stories preview… I saw the new display on one of my accounts, but when I checked it again today, it shows the old display. Hopefully IG will roll out the new display on all accounts soon.

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so more like Facebook stories

glad to see. we just got also the tiktok feature (Reels). let see what will be next!
but as many update are on the way, just be safe with your limit

I have not gotten any of the new updates yet. Does it depend on your location?

Also do you guys knows any future updates that are coming? I only know that they are pushing IGTV monetization to compete with Youtube

Yes, it is most likely location based. E.g. Reels was tested in Brasil first and is now available in Germany only (as far as I know)

Today we got a new reel, different style, they changed from rectangles to circles, 2 rows of 4 each that you can scroll.

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Share some screen shots? I don’t own the app so I can’t check it myself… lol.