Instagram Stories not showing up in hashtag or location

hello guys.
i had a client last week, and i noticed that his account doesn’t get any views from Hashtag or location in the statistics bar.
turns out, the hashtag sticker Iadd or type (1 each story ) is not showed in the hashtag search, and the location sticker i add never showed up in the search too!!
the account is old over a year.
no spam story.
the account got about 200 followers.
the normal feed posts are shown in normal hashtag pages, so am not shadowbanned or anything.
i added the hashtag in the middle of the story, normal size as the location. not even hidden
and it’s a business account and it’s public

if anyone got a solution i would love to hear it

Not all stories are featured in locations or Hashtags

It’s not a shadow ban


yea i know am not shadowbanned, but i have tried over 50 stories with all way possible, different hashtags ( big or small), locations near or far, in a type way or sticker, and when i check the story after that i don’t see any results from the hashtag or location, and when i search my self it does not appear in the story part of the location or hashtag!

Do stories even show up in location and hashtag or just explore? When I look at location and hashtag, I only see posts except the circle next to hashtag and location sometimes have stories.

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the feed posts show up in Hashtags normally.
the Stories i make doesn’t show up in hashtag story or location story!

This will depend on the number of users of the hashtag you’re targeting, you test with a hashtag that have less than 1000 posts and see if your story shows up

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thanks guys, solved it already

I always just assumed you had to be featured to show up on the location

Care to share the solution for future reference?


yes, i have keept adding one hashtag, using the hashtag sticker in IG story, i have followed that hashtaga before adding it, and after i posted the story i go and check that hashtag stories by clicking on the Hashtag i added in my story ( click on you my sotry to view it and click on the hashtag and view the stroies tagged in it)
i have used hashtags under 2Mill.
i guess that solved my problem and the location problem too