Instagram stories on a Hashtag

Did anyone notice that some hashtags have a story.

Check out #visitscotland

If anyone has more info let us know.


I notice this earlier can basically be used as a tool for more people to see your stories and if the enjoy it likely follow you

Both locations and hashtags now have stories. This can boost story views by a lot (maximum views I ever had was about 8% of my followers, with an average of 4-5%) will see how it goes in the next days…


yup! some of my clients reported they multiplied their story views by x4 after adding tags.

Not sure if they also used locations with them yet…

**Also, biz accounts can now SWIPE UP from stories — to bring to a webpage.
(I heard its accounts with minimum 10k followers that have this now, but didnt confirm this one yet)


Yes, Instagram Stories are the new big thing for Instagram :slight_smile:

The stories now support :

  • mention to another IG account
  • direct link to a website
  • #hashtags (maximum recommended : 3 per story)
  • geolocation

Therefore, when you’re using Instagram Stories you could reach :

  • your followers
  • the followers of your followers (to be confirmed)
  • the followers of a specific # or geolocation

It will become a good way to recruit new followers thanks to the hashtags because the competition is low. Here is the example of a screenshot with the hashtag #paris

At the moment, you have 64 millions photos that are referenced but only 16 stories that use #paris


Where do you see the stories that are tagged with #Paris? I don’t see this option on my phone (there is no round image at the top) and I literally just tried it with Paris actually as well as NYC & New York. Surely there must have been at least one story.

does anyone know the min. rank of a hashtag for it to include stories? Someone on the forum mentioned it was 2 million. The lowest I found so far was 600k but then another with 800k didn’t have any (even though I used it). Curious whether it’s slightly random at the lower end.

how many Htags is max to put in Story?

3 I believe bro

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tnx a lot man… so for 1 story is 3… but if i put 3 different story- can I use 9tags? 3x3 :smiley:

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I guess so bro

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tnx man one more time :slight_smile: I have hope Ig will not ban me … I hear story they ban you if you spam a lot different tags in story :sunny:

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Hmmm I will test that theory for you DM me in a couple of days.

Ill test it out as well!

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Ive seen stories with 10 hashtags

and then they shrink the text and cover the tags with a sticker



You can also make the text the same color as the background and then people can’t even see the hashtag. It’s like the same hack that people used to use for SEO back in the day.

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yea… i do the same but with 3 tags p/story… so im not sure is going to work if i do the same with 10 tags in same story… going to test now :smiley: w me luck :slight_smile:

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I put 5… and everything ok… i try with 7 but story was out of tags… so i think maybe is 5 max p/story…

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Yes 5 is max per story.