Instagram Stories. What do I do now?

My issue hasn’t been solved yet so I guess I’ll keep posting over and over again until someone with decent knowledge (that I haven’t heard before) can help me.

Ok so here it goes…

Back in early 2018 my account was severely banned for violating TOS (I was botting)

After a whole bunch of unnecessary drama, I finally got my account back but the engagement hasn’t been the same since before I was banned.

The biggest perpetrator right now is my story views. Before my account was banned, I would reach up to 600-800 accounts with my stories. And these accounts were MY FOLLOWERS.

Now after my ban, I’m lucky if I reach 100-200 of my followers.

I am aware of the tactics to increase your story views like Hashtags and geotags but I was under the impression that those tactics were for reaching users that weren’t already following me. That is not who I’m trying to target. I am trying to target my own followers again.

You see, my views on my stories wouldnt be an issue if I had a small following and I wasn’t gaining more each day. But as of right now, I’m sitting at 28.2k followers and I’m growing around 6-7 followers a day consistently.

Now clearly, something isnt adding up and I find it extremely difficult to believe that my stories are immediately muted by each new follower that I receive. So what gives? How can I solve this???

It’s clear, the ban has prevented your account to grow and engage perhaps for a while longer or forever.

Also, as IG grows so does every single action - your stories maybe unnoticed amongst the others.

I’m not sure what that even means.

My account IS growing and continues to grow. As I stated previously I get 6-10 real followers a day.

But my stories aren’t growing all. Which doesnt make too much sense to me.

So basically instagram is destroying my Story reach. My question is what can I do to fight this? Or is my account doomed for good?

My biggest concern would be improving your engagement outside SV, creating good content for your posts. Story views should come naturally after that.

Have you tried using quizzes or other engaging tools in your stories?

Well that’s another thing. I recently switched from Business to personal because I read that it would help with my engagement and it has!! :grin:

Not sure if you guys have heard of the top9 trend but its basically a website that calculates the engagement of all of your posts for the entire year and gives you the top 9 most engaged with posts. A post I submitted just 2 weeks ago made my top 9 for the entire year so clearly me switching back to a personal account definitely helped me out.

As far as stories are concerned, yesx I try my best to add in slider stickers, polls and questions when I can and probably more than I should. What I started to realize is that the accounts that actively engage with the stickers are usually the same for each story post. Meaning, the same 15-20 accounts actively engage or say something. The other 80 never say anything at all.

That’s the state of Instagram. If somebody has already engaged, it’ll keep getting shown to that same group, essentially killing your organic reach/engagement beyond that group. Now this isn’t a scientific at scale answer, but my opinion.

They just want you to buy ads to reach new people.

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Buy ads for stories though? Smh that’s crazy

How possible is that? Instagram to prevent your growing or engagement forever?

About stories, for me it’s the same thing, without having been banned and I think for everybody.

Unfortunately a big number of stories views was coming from bots.

Now IG sees that we all have a drop in Engagement and doesn’t show our stories or posts, but eventually it should be corrected with the time.

At least, we all hope so. If not, IG goes the wrong way.