Instagram story campaign growth?

anyone have advice on how to grow instagram using stories? I am two days into my campaign and only have received 3 followers from viewing about 1000 both days. Just looking for advice on what settings I should do to prevent getting blocked, but I know of people who have used this same setting and gained over 10k in just a week.

Indeed growing with ig stories is hard , you can gain lets say top 50 followers per day if your content is really on point , but mostly all of my is stories traffic comes from viral content + polls and the conversion rate is not that high , lets say 20-30 followers per day from 6-7 story polls


I have a niche that is pretty targeted (MLM accounts) and followers of the accounts. So my target is there, but I am just not receiving results.
I actually don’t know if I am even going about this the right way… im just trying to get social proof and then target my niche.

2k is small I’m amazed you got 3 followers.Try viewing 100x

Awesome content bro, does this work on smaller accounts like 10k and 15k ?

so you think i need to view more stories? I just dont want to get blocked, im not sure what settings to go after

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I also heard that Instagram doesn’t count viewing stories as actions so you can view more stories…?

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