Instagram story "shadow ban" / limited reach?

Does anyone know if Instagram limits the reach of your stories if you post too many? I know that if you post too many regular posts, your reach PER post will go down because the algorithm will negatively rank your posts. Stories have always worked great for me and I’ve never had an issue with this. For the last week, I have been posting a lot of stories (around 40/day) manually through my phone. On average, my story views are between 3-4k. Today, I noticed that every story had 1,000 views exactly. Is it possible that Instagram is limiting the reach if you post too often? Or perhaps it’s just a display issue where Instagram won’t show more than the 1,000 views, so you don’t actually know how many views there are? Thanks

The same thing happened to me. All stories I posted last night got exactly 1000 views each.
Before was normal with 5000-8000k

This is some kind of bug right?

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I’ve seen other people outside of the forum complaining about the same things. I haven’t personally tested this. But other IG users are complaining about the same things.

Any one knows solution for this?
Everything else works fine. Engagement, likes.

A customer just emailed us the insights, the reach was 1200-1500 every single story, 3 days ago collapsed to 80 now is around 150. This is a legit account, never reported, never automated, just a small local business.

I don’t think that’s a display issue. Maybe you’ve posted the same post from before, or used same hashtags or something else in common with your previous posts.

No, I just started posting more stories, that’s it. It could definitely be a factor as that’s what I would expect with regular posts but it’s a bit odd and now that I see many others with lower reach, it does make me wonder.

I have the same problem, but if you go to insight “navigation” is more , I think the real number of view . I don’t understand if is a bug or instagram doing something for stop automation in stories

Maybe people just learnt that you’re posting an insane amount of stories and stopped clicking on them or muted your stories? 40/day is a lot.
Don’t know about your audience or niche, but I wouldn’t have the time nor attention span for that. I’ve personally muted stories of some people I follow before because of their amount and frequency.

Not saying that that’s the case here, just throwing it into the room. :slight_smile:

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I think this is what’s going on. And to be honest, automated story replies are obnoxious


I can confirm as well that something is happening.

I posted stories last night on some of my accounts and all of them got stuck at 1000 views.

Non of those accounts are related to any automation software or mass story views service or whatever.

I understand that it’s a lot but it’s not that an overwhelming amount for accounts in my niche and I have posted that many before at specific times. I don’t think it’s related to that though (maybe a little but only minor). All my stories cap out at exactly 1,000, so this is clearly an arranged limit (of visible viewers or actual viewers).

I do think it’s some kind of bug because I had a few where I had 1,000 views and in between I would have 1,004 and 1,007, so something is definitely going on from Instagram’s side. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess if this changes.

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Confirmed it’s a bug.
All back to normal with my acc.

I like your positivity but it is not a bug. We still have plenty accounts facing the “issue”.

I would also say it’s a bug since my reach is back to normal, or at least above the fixed 1,000. I have reduced the number of stories a bit, so unless there is a threshold of 35 stories per day, above which you get capped at 1,000 views, I can only assume that it’s a bug.

Maybe ppl you need to understand what a bug is :slight_smile: And this is not one. There were changes on the algo, so now it is adapting to each account, some will get similar reach, some more and some less :slight_smile:

@ddizzle I forgot to ask, do you get the majority of your story views from your own followers and people who stumble upon your page, or through hashtags?

The algorithm update with its absurd new reach limitations isn’t my favourite so far. I wasn’t aware that stories stopped being shown to everyone somewhere along the way. Great fun. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I have no idea as I don’t look at my statistics (my account is also not a business account)