Instagram story takeover - possible without giving access to own account?

I have a client who is looking to do an Instagram story takeover of a larger account. The larger account would prefer not to give away their login details. I don’t really focus on takeovers, so have limited experiences with this. Is there a way to do this? Ideally, they were looking for a live stream but not sure that’s an option. Or can you copy someone else’s live stream to stream in your story?

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Live would be impossible without sharing credentials however you can have the person recording the takeover videos send them to you to be published from your own device.

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Ok, that’s what I thought.

yep, I’d recommend the same. Prerecord via Instagram and add the text etc. Then send via DropBox f.e. to not lose any quality. If you mention any name, the larger account should simply write above the previous text.

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Thanks. Have found an alternative way where the client will record the live story and the larger account will just repost it as an IG TV video.

When big bloggers/athletes do takeovers they do it in person, never online (giving access). But like users above mentioned, client can record videos and pretend like he is on the large account.