Instagram story - who sees it? why? how it works?

I am willing to know how Instagram story works, who sees it from the people that follow me?
Why they see it and others don`t?
What happen if I have new account with 10k BOT followers and I get real followers, will the real followers see my story content or cause I have 10k BOT followers they “will see” it?
Does it work similar to post? algorithm?
Who can in-light me a bit about it?

Bots that follow you will only hurt your account. Steer away from those. It might even be worth your while to terminate the account and start a fresh account, growing it the right way.

How?”, you ask? Content and value.

Think of yourself, why would you do something if you receive no value? If it does nothing for you? If it doesn’t make you feel some type of way? There has to be a pay off. This is something that Gary Vee is brilliant at getting across. Always deliver value and the people will come. Be that in the form of content or information.

Having said that, stories. Build your account from the ground up WITH stories. The more fun and engaging your stories are, the more people will return to view them (again, because they are getting value).

What I have noticed is that the more I view someone’s story, the more frequently i see it. When I open IG, their stories are displayed first, before other people’s stories that I do not watch… (I don’t watch other people’s stories because they do not give me any value - see the pattern?)

In terms of viewer stats, the general consensus seems to be anywhere from 3%-6% of your viewers will see your story, depending on your niche or the person. There are obviously exceptions. Some people get less than 1% and some people get 20%+.
I generally work on a 3-5% viewership.

If you want to drive people to your stories, use your feed posts and captions to tell them about your stories. And vice versa.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

No really,
10k followers is just to make the accounts look good
traffic comes from 1000 child accounts
user has link on bio - no images at all
User posts stories with swipe up to link
traffic comes form child accounts , the users see the main account and click on bio
My question is if I have 10k bot followers and I add 200 real targeted followers a day from child accounts , will they see my story? or the algorhtim of IG wont let them see it but will show it to 10k bot followers I already have?

You got the idea?

Stories will mostly be seen by your followers only.

Unless users visited your profile and clicked on your stories ( profile image ) then they will see it

Your stories are public

I don’t think I understand 100%.
But if I do understand what I think I should be (that you’re gaining traffic from slave accs), then yes, they will be able to see your story. Currently, IG doesn’t hide your story from your profile.
So if people are coming to your profile, they will see a colourful ring around your profile picture. If they click on that, they see your story. Boom.

Yes you do understand,
Now will my story be showed to them on their feed ? you know the top of screen
Or it wont show them it cause it will show it to 5% from my 10k bot followers?
Does it work the same as image? - it shows it to 5% from you followers ( if you got 90% bot then real users probably will never see your post )

I don’t see why it would NOT be shown to them. It might not be shown as first, maybe shows other users as priority over yours, but it almost certainly will not be hidden.
It is, however, up to the user to click on your story to view it.

Ok wonderful so the algorithm is not the same as for shwoing your post as image, the more likes an dcomments you got the more of your followers will see it and chances to rank on hashtags is higher.
If I am understaing this right, all my followers , for exmp 10k bot and 1k real users, will be able to see my stories on their feed ( top screen ) at least once in XYZ period of time
and if my content is good and they like ( visit it) it they will even see it more often

I can’t confirm all that as factual. Stories are apparently ranked and have algorithms that determine its reach and views etc. But I can’t comment o that, I wouldn’t want to feed you wrong information.

But I’m confident that your stories will be shown to some your real followers. Just make sure that it’s valuable so that people keep on visiting.

amazing, problem solved.

Now another off topic question,
If you take a look on bumble page or or any other dationg instagram page, they can put link on their bio to their dating product, is that legit? how they do that?
Why do I have to use cloacker to do so? anyone knows?
May be its cuse its affiliate link?