Instagram Supports Multiple Logins

Hi Guys,

Seems instagram has added multiple login support for business accounts.


Finally some decent news!

First time I see a message like that but it could very well mean that IG might be more accommodating towards SMM! :slightly_smiling_face:


But all accounts should be converted to business though

This looks like good news to me!

I had to update the app but then this was in settings

Anyone tried giving Jrv a unique login?

I was thinking that, not sure if its capable of that as yet

Nice feature, hope that it doesn’t call Email Verification :smiley:

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this might be bad news if insta going the route of facebook business pages…just saying


Finally sth rational!!! Of course business accounts need multiple logins available !

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Since it’s a new feature we cannot say if it will be positive or negative for us. But is looks definitely interesting, we should keep an eye on that.


Lets try and be positive, not everything new from IG has to be bad for us… at least until we know more.

Very interesting. only time will tell.

I kind of get the impression that you’re spamming to reach Level 2. You continually respond to multiple recent topics with responses that offer zero value. I think you may have been called out on this in the past?

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Attention I do not know if you can experience an error.
But today when entering a customer who also had linked accounts.
I could not add it to the system.
He had to change the password and unlink the linked accounts because the system was going crazy and he did not know what account to add.
But maybe because of the same password everywhere.
Such my curiosity, can help someone with mistakes :slight_smile:

Maybe this will allow the clients to get hit by less responsibility when their accounts were managed by an agency.
Or they will be monitored harder…
Needs some tests.

Interesting, I wish they add unlimited accounts that you can be loged in from one phone

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That will never happen. :man_shrugging:t2::persevere:

i wanted to bump this for anyone using multiple logins for more than 5 accounts on a device?
if you have 6 or more do you have any issues?