[Instagram] Tactics for creating and growing branded content

Hey! I just created a lot of branded images for my future instagram accounts. Besides that, I have created captions for each image, LOGO, have a list of follow sources for each account. To add, I am planning to create 5 accounts because I have created 5 brands (branded, watermarked images, logo, etc).
I don’t want to be banned due to various reasons so the username will be blocked and banned whereas all my branded images and the whole brands will be worthless and trash…


  1. Is it better to create a regular account and post something similar to the brand’s content? And create 5 accounts and shoutout that account?
  2. Create account with branded username and post branded images
  3. Buy a niche-related account with some followers, and then delete posts and start from scratch having followers already? (To minimize ban rate)
  4. What is your method to do this?

I don’t want my branded usernames/accounts to be banned due to various reasons in the future so I need to find the other way around.

How do you guys do that if you were in my shoes?

For each future brand account I have created:

  1. branded images
  2. added logo on them with the instagram username that I have reserved on my private accounts
  3. watermarked all images with the usernames
  4. created captions
  5. have reserved all branded usernames on my private accounts so no one can take them

Want to start growing those accounts and I don’t know how? Can experts say your opinion?
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Hello there!

When I first started out my dropshipping store, I made a mistake where I did F/U on my brand account and it got banned and I had to send an appeal. Thankfully, I got it back.

I would suggest number 1 but also to grow a niche-related account.
Reason being of me saying not to buy them is because, you don’t know what they were doing with that account. They may have fake followers, fake engagement, engagement groups and etc.
I may not be true but for me, it’s better to play safe.
Yes it may take awhile for to grow but I think it’s on the safer side. I would rather you get shoutouts as that boosted my store account.
What I did was to grow niche-related accounts and link them back to my store one they grew.

This is just my experience and I’m not that expert in this. Let’s wait to see what the others have to say :smiley:

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Thanks for your answer!

For example: I have created images for new quotes page.
Let it name: quotes.daily.ig
P.S. I have 500 images with username
Goal: to create account and grow the brand

So it means that I have to create for example few accounts and post random quotes’ images, and once they will grow bigger - shoutout my brand account (quotes.daily.ig)?

But what should I do with those images then? I can’t post on the side accounts as it contains watermarked username…