Instagram Tagging And Geolocation Use

Does anyone have any idea if Instagram will penalize accounts posting geolocations when they aren’t actually there or tagging several instagram accounts in every post?

I just want to know whether or not it could affect the legitimacy of an account and what best practices might suggest. The engagement would help, but with instagram cracking down I’ve just been reluctant to use most growth hacking strategies.


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Well, Scotty. BEAM ME UP!
haha, sorry, im an idiot.

I doubt that instagram would penalize or flag your account at all for ONLY doing that. It depends on everything else you are doing with your account, like if you are using any software or online services.

But for the most part, no. They implemented that so that people could post where they took their picture, I dont think they intended for it to be all “on the spot” like snapchat does.
It seems VERY unlikely they would do anything.

I plan on doing this with some of my accounts soon :slight_smile: But then again, I got alot of other things i gotta do “soon”.
Best of luck mate. You should be fine with it.


Yeah appreciate it!

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