Instagram targeted my account

Im new on this forum, never heard about until last month, anyway.

I’ve been growing manually since july/2019, trying not to harm the snowflake algorithm of insta, trying to be a good boy, never used F/U, never used any type of automation at all, posting content that dont “harm” anyone, reaching people by manually liking and commenting and receiving shouts.
I started to grow fast after mid january (200/day), but since 02/02 instagram listed me on their “i will ban you list”, they deleted 3 posts claiming it was “porn” (trust me it wasn’t (simple photos, no nudity, no sexual beheaviour) and they were post on September-Dec), and now they are blocking me for tagging (i started to tag last month…) and im not able to reach more people by answering their comments because insta blocks me when i do the first, it is bizarre.
Since 03/02 im growing 20/day, wtf i did wrong? yesterday i got shouted by 15 different accounts, (3.500.000 followers total) and i gained 15 F, i did the same thing last month and with 3.5m audience it would be like 350+F
So if anyone could help me, give me a advice, teach me how to enter a dm group or whatever to help me, i would be very very very grateful.

Thanks sorry for the long post.

Did you buy your account form someone or change niche after few thousands followers? Or go hard manualy from start?

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Manualy from start, never did anything “against” insta, never changed niche, etc

Did you have any luck trying to appeal your deactivation?

I understand it’s frustrating and you really ain’t gonna figure out exactly why this happened.

The only think you can do is constantly change strategy.

If you see that shout outs don’t work any more for some reason, give it a break.

Find 2-3 good accounts from your niche and Organise a giveaway with a Prise you buy.

Do that for a month, then try something else.

Keep evolving.

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Than appeal on removed photos, send emails to support. If one doesn’t work send 5. Explain that none of your photos is porn and that they make a mistake if it is so. There are few topics about DM groups in Instagram Marketing or just use Search. Try to send DMS to few experts here on forum they can guide you through steps.

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Sorry but this guy hasn’t said anything about deactivation.

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You are corect, my bad, i will edit my post.


Thanks for the tip, I will do this, actually Im on a board of a partnership with a huge page (15k grow daily) but i need to sell a account (that he is the owner) to “finally enter” lol.

Thanks, i will not do anything for this photos, im now searching for new ways to grow besides shouts, ER is pretty decent now but growing is low, sadly!
Sometimes I feel instagram just wants my money, like: “hey boy just give me a coin and i will be your friend”

Well like always, few bucks on a good post can get you far far away.

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