📰 Instagram testing Follow Hashtags feature

Just hit this article in my feed:

What kind of sorcery is this?

If this goes live, do you think there’s any use to the feature, or impact?

Or is it just a way to track topics you like instead of following others? Will engagement increase or decrease?

Maybe it’ll be easier to ‘subscribe’ to a tag instead of scrolling the explore page endlessly?



Big impact.
It makes hashtags even more important for discovery.
And you’ll be able to reach more targeted people because they are specifically following a relevant hashtag

This would be amazing. Already have some ideas!

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It will be much more important to be on the first place for certain hashtags and organic reach if you’re there will be a lot higher, that’s what I see :slight_smile:

I’m liking the sound of this - thanks for sharing.

definitely interesting!