Instagram tests hiding Like counts GLOBALLY

So… :eyes: The test is being expanded. Canada > 9 countries > Australia > USA > Globally test

May Zuckerberg have mercy on our souls!

This is not a test i think is official because they expand to whole world .

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But it is not in all accounts yet!

Indeed, one of my accounts from Europe has the likes count hidden so~

Its happening in Albania(Europe) too

I can confirm the same in:

Czech Rep.

The funny thing is like the caption now is: Liked by bababababa and thousands to others

For more than 1000 you get that and for less only --> Liked by bababababa and others

The update doesn’t affect all accounts yet, we have accounts on the named countries still showing the numbers.

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I can confirm for accounts in Spain, Portugal and a lot of countries of South America.

Yeah, you’re right, not all accounts yet. Let’s see for how long. I’m already have clients complaining about this :joy::joy:

Bad thing is that you won’t see the active people under posts which are more engaging.
First they hide the likes, second they will position low score accounts on the top of accounts followers list.

How is your engagement today? Likes on my pages are rather on the low side…

O really?? Finally some good news, can you send where it says and 1000 more or whatever. That’s good news in all this shit, now people will still care about number if it says 1000 and more, better then hidding them all. Now clients that are buying under 1000 likes will need to buy even more likes haha


No need 100k Accounts, now everyone will make 1000 profiles and will start to sell followers :slight_smile:

In spanish there is just one message, no matter if a pic have 70 likes, 100, 2000, or 34k. Just says: “Liked by @accountone and others”

They seem to test 2 different types one with @ someone and others and one with @ someone and thousands.
I hope they will choose the second with “thousands”

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and others = <1000
And thousands of others = 1000-999,999
and millions of others = >1,000,000

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so i am wrong it only one type of testing

It’s a blessing in disguise. Since it’s happened here I’ve had less stress about the engagement others see, and my energy is going towards great copywriting for sales. More sales + happier clients, as I can now also concentrate mainly on only growing the account.


Won’t make a difference I’ve seen it since I live in Canada you get used to it guys :rofl:

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is anyone growing niche accounts and can tell how the engagement and growth changed?

Had it happen to one of the accounts I handle here in the US. It’s a business account, about 6 years old.

It won’t mean anything if it says thousands

will it affect shoutouts? If yes then how?

I have two thoughts about this.
First, brands pay influencers according to their reach and engagement. If IG won’t provide access to insights to the brands, brands won’t spend money on IG to promote the influencers’ posts.
Second, maybe IG is just testing with everyone to see how much uproar there is. If too much, they’ll let business/creator accounts keep showing their likes/comments.