Instagram themselves demystifie preconsue ideas (reach, algorithm, videos...) What do you think?


For those who don’t know, there is an offical Instagram account called @creators where influencers are interviewed on how they succeeded on the platform.

Today, this account posted few stories to make some statements and demystifies quite a lot of things so I’ll make a recap if you don’t want to check it out. Instagram declares that

  • Instagram themselves don’t change the algorithm, it just adapts to content and your preferences thanks to machine learning.
  • They affirm to DO NOT favor posts from business or verified accounts. They just say it’s only a matter of interraction with your post.
  • They DO NOT favor videos rather than photos in your news feed; it’s just a matter of how people like watching videos or photos and the feed will adapt to your preferences.
  • !!They declare that posts are NOT favored if they receive a big amount of likes and comments in the first 30 minutes + don’t give any explanation about this - sounds BS to me
  • They affirm that pods and engagement groups are detected by their algorithm and if people continue to use them, it might be detrimental on the long run (let me laugh please…)
  • -Even the comments of 1, 2 or 3 digits are counted in engagement

And that’s it! What do you think about this? I have some doubts about some statements.


They simply won’t admit that any “strategy” used to trick the algo into providing you with more exposure works. It would be detrimental to them since any kind of manipulation is against their policy.

They’re telling people what they want people to hear. Black/white hat strategies can only thrive outside their box, if that makes any sense.


Yes, they never change the algorithm… they created it once and it’s self-contained for a lifetime… let me laugh as well…

I call huge bullshit on that, they change shit every few days, now they stopped for some time, panels are working normally again, getting problems here and there, but they were hitting updates daily before and algorithm changes

Every single company that has UI and altos change the algo at some point or the other. There probably is a bit of machine learning, but there is also a lot of amnual intervention. My 2 cents at least.

It’s all semantics with IG. Like when they say they don’t shadow ban. It is just because they call it something else or something else causes a “shadow ban like” result.

For example if you’re shadow banned and your reach is virtually nil. It might be more because your account’s trust score is ridiculously low and the algorithm ranks you low on the list because of that low score. It’s not specifically a shadow ban…ie someone hasn’t triggered a shadow ban flag on you but you experience the same result until your score improves.

Nearly everything I see come out of IG’s PR department is always half truths. Such as hiding likes for “mental well being”

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Funny that we all experience the exact opposite.

Everything they said doesn’t work, works still.

those are my views.