Instagram “This was me” API

I think in this forum there are good programmers, actually I’m getting “This was me” for some accounts when they try to login them with Instagram private API.

Someone knows how to resolve this programatically or in other way?

Even when the user checks “This was me” on Instagram app and he comes back to our app, he gets this again, and we have an unlimited loop…

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I usually got this challenge when i connect an account from an other device,

And by clicking “This was me”, it doesn’t even ask for the code through email or phone.

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Copy the last device ID from client phone should solve this

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how do i do that?

YES Make sure you log in with the verification code FIRST. Ignore the prompt. Or make sure the user ignores the prompt. wait for IG to send you the code and enter it. The “Was this you” screen will dissapear.