Instagram to demote 'vaguely' inappropriate content

Make sure to tell your clients that half-naked pics aren’t going to cut it anymore.


Interesting read, good to know, thanks for sharing!

A client of mine with over 3m and blue tick that post half naked selfies just lost her ad account because of this

As an instagram user I say - Finally!
As a Jarvee user I say… well, nothing really, I don’t do adult.

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If you ask me that explains a lot of recent events.

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Thanks for linking this!

Too right

As someone who has a few of these semi-adult but not offensive or sexual content, I’m actually ok with this. Sure reduced reach is bad, but at the same time… it’s better than the alternative of outright censoring things that don’t “break rules.”

It’ll be harder to grow for sure, but better than an outright ban/removal/gfy move that is typically taken.

“As content gets closer and closer to the line of our Community Standards at which point we’d remove it, it actually gets more and more engagement. It’s not something unique to Facebook but inherent in human nature.”

Interesting article. I have a scantily clad model as a client, curious to see the affect.

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Only a few steps closer to destroying the platform


We’re beyond that point, once they hypocritically don’t do shit about people livestreaming murders on Facebook Live but ban you instantly for a naked butt, it’s a destroyed platform.

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yep. Apparently a kid whos working hard on trying to succeed in an online business by giving out value & selling a legal niche product is far more dangerous for IG then someone whos prostituing , streaming inappropriate content ect. Its jealousy at its finest.

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I can see them coming with some sort of pay wall idea for this kind of content for both publishers and viewers

What are all the Instagram models going to do now? :scream:

Same Here . 13char