Instagram Top Posts Ban

Hey there,

So I have been noticing that my posts still come up on the hashtag but does not reach top posts regardless of the size of the hashtag. For instance if the top posts only has 50likes and my account has over 1.5k I am still not reaching the top posts. Any ideas?


That isn’t really how the top posts section works anymore. Each top posts section is now more curated for each specific user.


It worked that way in the past. How does it work now any tips?

I would focus on posting content your followers have traditionally responded very well to in the past. Focus on getting an influx of likes from your followers as quickly as you can after you have posted a new post and Instagram will increase the reach of your post.

Also, make sure you’re using hashtags that you can have a chance for ranking for. Don’t use hashtags that are too competitive or don’t expect to be featured for them.