Instagram Unfollow App 2021

Hi, is there any safe & free to use unfollow app for IG currently?

Hi, welcome to the forum! It’s possible to try Jarvee for free for 5 days. There are also lots of other great features in Jarvee aside from the Unfollow tool that can help you grow your account.

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The safer way will be to use your device on the IG app. It’s only for your main account ? it shouldn’t be an issue to do it there.

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That’s cool but I need something more long term. I wouldn’t be able to aford it after the free trial

Yes, it’s just for my personal account. I guess that’s right. But if there’s some automated way to do this repetitive action while helping to keep some favourited follows, it would be great :sweat_smile:

  1. Any 3rd party app or software will put your account at risk as this will be detected by IG.
    So no one can with certainty claim some app or software is bulletproof.

  2. All depending on how many followers and followings you have, you could consider using JV. However if you have something like 5K+ followers you would consider using scraper account, as too many api calls can hit you account with blocks and eventually getting disabled.
    It’s all about trying to involve your main account in doing less amount of actions as possible to keep it safe.

My solutions to you for consideration.

  1. Easy way out and ofcourse risky. Get JV. put. oon your main account and start doing the actions you want directly. (Cheap solution)

  2. Safer way (Not bulletproof)
    Create a solid second instagram account on the IG app.
    Use phone and e-mail. Verify it.
    Remember filling out the profile properly. Pictures and posts. Everything in order. Make it look as real as possible.
    Start warming up the account properly for 2-3 weeks.
    Once the account is warmed up, you will get yourself a good proxy. Put this second account on JV with proxy and start using it to scrape and your main will do minimum amount of actions possible, to reach your daily target. Now some will say it will be overkill to get a proxy for such a setup. I am just giving you the MOST secure way possible. The rest is up to you.
    Since you only have 1 main account to take care of this will ofcourse be cheaper than having to do this for many accounts. You invest a small amount, but in return you have done anything possible to prevent loosing your valuable main account.

Now setup JV with decent settings and have a nice journey.

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So you are doing F/U ? It’s not a one-purge unfollowing process ?

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Probably out of my reach as I mentioned anyway as I’m from South America and anything in dollars in prohibitely expensive sadly. Thanks for the recommendations though, they might be useful for someone else. What is “to scrape” and what would be decent settings in JV?

Would like to try that again, yes. Done it in the past manually and it’s a total drag. Stopped doing it about a year ago but slowly bleed some followers every month. Lost about 700 hundred followers overall in this year, and not due to decrease in the posting quality.
I’m relatively close to getting to 10k followers (at 8.5k now) and that’s the only milestone I’d like to achieve to get access to story links. I guess F/U is the cheapest and simpler way to get there and eventually maintain if it gets below 10k

Oh, and thanks for the welcome, been lurking for a long time :slight_smile:

With your current budget, just go for a manual F/U yourself. It’s not hard to process a F/U and should take you way less than 1h per day.

Then, think about how to monetize your account, and spend that money on automation process. Nothing comes free, so if you plan to become big at some point, you either need money or a strong automation system (which also comes with lots of money).

But for now, you need to first learn the basics and start again from scratch if you stopped doing this 1 year ago - many stuffs changed in the meantime. Good luck :slight_smile:

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I’m a musician and the main goal, rather than monetization by itself, is to have some little pump in my releases with this and having that link in bio could help with that. Afterwards; I’d be fine with it being all organic even if it’s veeery slow (and as long as it doesn’t go below 10k, haha).

How can I learn more of what you mention that has changed? Also, are there some known limits or recommendations for amount of follow/unfollow/activity per day or even per hour?

As @denis1 says. If budget is your main concern and you only have one account, you best option is manually doing you follow unfollow trackings. Takes some small amount of time, but nothing really to worry about. Do it in small bits through the day and it’s over before you know it.

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Nice plan.

Here you’ll find all the informations you need :slight_smile: Search button will open your eyes to the IG gateway of heaven !

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That will be the way to go then, thanks a lot for helping a newbie!

Will do, thanks a lot for all the tips!

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You can go with Jarvee. It’s not free they give 5-days free trial period so you can test and see if it suits you. Besides Unfollow, you’ve got so many other tools and options to automate with Jarvee.

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As I said on other answer, out of my possibilities once trial ends, but thanks anyway for the suggestion :slight_smile: