Instagram Unfollow Limits

I’m moving my accounts over to Jarvee from another service I was using and I want to do a big unfollow of all the accounts not following back just to have a fresh start. With the new insta changes I just wanna make sure I’m playing safe so can anyone let me know how many unfollows per day I am probably safe to perform? I have a few thousand I need to get rid of so the quicker I can do this the better but also don’t wanna get any blocks.

Any help would be awesome!

Not sure about others but I unfollowed 900 accounts over 7 days during this recent follow block wave. I did this DURING my follow block though. It didn’t affect me at all because my follow block was lifted.

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I’ve tried to unfollow 800/day and everything still fine in my case.
I unfollow using phone and 4g network.

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unfollowing from phone is safe and can go up to 1k a day. tested on my personal account. you just have to do it slow

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I do about 400 unfollow/day, had no issues with that yet

before the big block wave i do about 1400 - 1200 unfollow for a day no problem
but now i don’t know if it same but i think about 1k can be good
but im not shor because IG changing everything now
before the big block day i can do 1200 follow for a day now i get alot of block even for 200 follow for a day, and yes i i hear about the 6000/30 theory but i don’t fully understand what is the first day to start the counting
if i do the counting from the 1.6 so i have one account that do 150 - 300 follow a day and today i get block for this account after he did 75 follow today and total 2585 :pensive:

zuckerberg im hate you :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s the last 30 days. You need to count backwards from today.

tnx my friend i did the checking again and this account get blocked after he did 5818 follow for 33 days

and i have a small Q please
i see alot off people showing a statistic graft
that show the amount of follow for 30 days
i didn’t find this graft

this is the graft i found but it not show me the amount of the total follow for 30 dayes

Go to profiles, select all and show statistics.
Group by account and check the follow column

i give it a test

Some accounts have lower trust scores than others. So it’s not 6000 for ever account, some might be 5500 or even 5000.

My suggestion is try to let those account come down to below 4000 first before you start again

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Agreed. Mine previously got blocked at a little over 5300.

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