Instagram update Notifications about Deleting Accounts, and removing Likes

Hi every one,

I thought it could be useful for every one.

Here goes Instagram latest tweets and last updates about their notifications.

Also, they are updating a lot of countries (on this screenshot Colombia)
about their removing likes in countries.

Let’s see !



This is a lost war at the start.
We have to make continuous changes,
problems with likes, hidden likes, waiting for the next move from IG :thinking:

Remember they are just testing it. If the ad revenue will be lower where they test it (and i think it will be) they might just dump that silly idea all together

Instagram might shoot themselves in the foot if they push politicals correctness too far. Twitter lost a lot of relevance after they took it too far.

But yeah the PC might be just a mask to get more ad revenue and kill the influencer market which is why ig ads are not performing that well.

I feel as though we have to be even more careful with the content we post bar any unjustified bans/shadowbans.

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Those are quite good news. Current eWhoring situation on Instagram is crazy lately, getting at least 5msg request a day on my personal acc with just 600followers…

But future is bright for us who tend to create good content and grow :raised_hands:

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thats right, allways stay positive… =)

I do not have a problem with it, I’m even glad because there will be less viral content <3 Only M / S accounts or those that really do not give value only viral content should be afraid.

So why they didn’t remove likes from Facebook? Because it’s mr. Zuckersnookers child and he couldn’t cope with Facebook loosing the audience, so he afforded to buy another platform to test the ground

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LOL, IG is changing everyday enough to make automation Marketing is harder.
But keep patience, we will have a good chance (but rightnow, I am so boring because my accounts have gotten ban everyday, I am working on it)

This is just stupid, but at least they warn you now, I lost 20+ accounts with no damn warnings

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There’s another thread on this if mods want to merge

Also, I asked Jarvee to notify us when we get the warning in the next update, and they said they will add it as soon as possible.