[Instagram Update] You Cant Search Hashtags Using Browser Unless You Are Logged In

As of Today March 15th 2017, you can no longer search hashtags via web browser UNLESS you are logged into Instagram. If you are not logged in, and click the links below, you will get the error “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”




This makes things much more anoying!

I also hate the new update where you cannot hover your mouse over a picture to see the engagement. You now have to actually click each picture making the process more time consuming.

Use other websites such as www.websta.me since you can search hashtags, and also see the likes of each picture without the need of clicking each one.


It seems they’re going the Pinterest route, where they removed almost all details for no apparent reason :expressionless:

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They do everything for a reason, perhaps to monitor how long your account is logged in “searching”. Either way, I do not like it.


Definitely… we’ll see how this goes.

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Maybe I have missed this in the last year and a half… but can we really no longer look up hashtags if we’re not logged in? I just tried this and get an error message. The weird thing is, I have done this so often in the (recent) past and am quite certain that I was not always logged in, so am not sure whether I missed something or whether this is a bug. Needless to say, I currently cannot look up hashtags unless I’m logged in.

Interesting, sometimes they work, sometimes not.
I’ve seen something like this before for a location, not for every proxy you can download data, maybe it will be the same here.

Things just get harder.

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I’m pretty sure I was able to look up hashtags on my PC without being logged in, so I will try this again at a later point.


That’s exactly how it was, I have tag tracking implemented in IG Monitoring, today most trackers return an error.

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Most but not all, so you can still track some hashtags? Maybe the more popular ones?

I think I do not have enough data for good conclusions, but from what I see, I can not follow the tags associated with profiles. But this is just a shot.

I can look for hashtags and see the post’s engagement by hovering mouse on the picture without logged in. I think this is an old post and Instagram fixed those things :slight_smile:

This is a fresh matter, tags from the original post work well. Try to see https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/explorepoland/

This one doesn’t work for me. I wonder if popular hashtags still work (min a few hundred k?) but smaller ones not. Not sure.

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all my monitored tags are back to normal :slight_smile: