Instagram updates - 26 Nov 2019

So, I was just scrolling my full of nice ladies feed and suddenly I was prompted with this message under one of the posts:

Because I am a simple man and I would hit on Wanda I hit the “Great Value” button so her posts can still reach my timeline.

Third pic for attention.

What do you think about this update?

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They’re just begging for ways to profit off of us is what I think.

I do wonder how many posts she’s promoted in the past. Seems like they could be using previously advertised accounts as a way to gather information on future placement and marketability for their optimal financial success and our ultimate bank account drainage :stuck_out_tongue:


as far as I remember, Wanda doesn’t run paid partnerships. Or if she does, none reached me. Your point can be both valid and invalid in this very specific example and I agree with you on this one.

I’m just throwing theory out there. No idea why they’d ask such a pointless question beyond using your answers to profit, because that’s how they work! MONEY MONEY MONEY!!

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Here’s a potential problem: What if I like account “A” a lot in December, but then I get fed too many of their posts and I stop wanting to see their content drowning out content from account “B”, so I tell Instagram I find value from account “B”, but now I’ve told Instagram I find value out of account “A” and account “B”- how will this affect content delivery if I say I’m getting value out of literally every account I follow?

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i think it will stay the same as before , changes will operate only if you negatively interact but i’m not sure

It’s might be a sign of IG even don’t know that they went mad and now they are asking if we are happy! Makes no sense. :joy:

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