Instagram upload button

I just noticed they replaced the upload button with Reels. The upload button is now placed next to the DM button.

What do you guys think of this change?

A bit more info about the update -

I believe it is a great way to make the consumer stay longer on the app. The longer user stays on the app, the more money Facebook makes (via ads).

I need to check out the shopping feature/experience & their guidelines as well. Nonetheless, I guess Instagram (Facebook) takes a cut via the Instagram shopping feature. Therefore, again a great way to make money from the biz. perspective (and hide it behind the ‘‘help make money small business’’). But I’m not 100% sure if it’s true, so don’t quote me on that.

From the consumer point of a view, I don’t think that is a big deal (talking about the ‘‘brain muscle’’ → where to tap). They are changing the app pretty much on daily basis, and all users seem to learn the new interface quite quickly (as the majority of their/Instagram audience is considerably young).

As I’ve mentioned above, you will most likely stay longer on the app - which will boost your dopamine level a bit more, and you will develop an even better relationship with the app.

Instagram is saying it all day long. It’s about the experience - they want you to make happy, build positive feelings about the app. So you can come back more often and view more content.


I still didn’t notice this change, I’m not even able to post reels yet from my original account. Not sure when it will be released for all users. Great point of view @Filipo about changes. But it seems like people are more and more unhappy the more they use social media in general. :smiley:

I believe you need to have music (what is the feature called?) available first on the Instagram app. Once you get that feature, you should gain access (relatively soon) to the reels. Nevertheless, I THINK Mosseri said (I’m not 100% sure again - as it was quite a while back) that reels won’t be rolled in all accounts (countries).

About the experience with the app - yeah, you are right. However, those people usually grow their accounts. The average Joe doesn’t care about the growth experience. He wants to have a great time on the app.

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