Instagram user harassing me and spreading lies

Hi there is a user who spreading false claims about me and my friends. I have tried to report the stories to instagram as bullying and harassment. but no luck on removing them. Im looking for a service to mass report the stories to remove them. Or a service to ban this user who is making false claims and lies.

Thank you please let me know.

I don’t think you can find a service that can help you with that, you can try to talk to the user directly and tell him to remove the stories.

There’s no such service, otherwise it would be actively used for unfair competition.
All you can do is to ban the user, and let him go.
OR you could try to sue him/her, but this will cost you a penny.

There are banning services, just search a bit.

Didn’t hear about those services. Have you tried reporting it from multiple different accounts?

Yes I would just hire someone or buy a bunch of accounts and dilute his posts

If this is harassment, the only thing I can suggest is to report it to local authorities especially if you and the other user are in the same country…

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I’ve read some posts how they do it.
You just need someone with a verified account. They copy the targets account profile picture and bio to their verified account and then report the account for stealing your identity.

As practice shows, Instagram often ignores such complaints. Perhaps because of their number. In rare cases, users are lucky and their complaints are considered. My advice is to keep sending requests to the Instagram moderation team.

Yeah, sometimes this is more effective than complaining to IG about it.