Instagram Username Availability Checker


A few days ago I saw this topic created by @joshhazzord: Topic

He posted a tool to check if an Instagram username is available, but it doesn’t work well, because it isn’t detecting all unavailable accounts, so I decided to share an old script I have that actually works.

Here you go: Script

You need Python 3 and aiohttp framework and also an Instagram account. It’s fairly easy to use, just write this:

python -u someusername -p somepassword -i usernames.txt -o available.txt

I think most people know how to use the command above, but if you have any questions or problems, please do comment below and I will try to answer them.

How to check bulk ig accounts?

Thank you! It works nicely.

Have you tested limits of this script? How big batches this could handle before running into problems?


Thank you for the share!


You’re a god among men. Saw that thread and thought it was a great share, but realized it probably wasn’t totally accurate. Thanks for sharing man!


@monzo Glad it works for you! About the limits, I really don’t know, haven’t used the script in a while, but please do test it and tell us the results you got.

@joshhazzord No problem :+1:

@EmpireNetwork I know I’m a god, but thank you for pointing it out :smiley:


Uhh nice share, was really looking for this, anyone tested how it works?


It’s pretty simple, you need an Instagram account (I recommend to use one that doesn’t really have any purpose besides testing stuff), because without one you can’t see every type of unavailable usernames. Then you need to create a text file with 1 username per line, and use the script with Python.


This is something I can really use in the next few days to create many new accounts. I just do not know about Phyton, so I have to inform myself.

Thanks Jack! I saved it.


Hey @JackGagger

Thanks for sharing this script of yours, I tried and it works but I would like to understand, this script is to check for the availability of usernames that are not taken or to check if the username is active? because I tried adding in a account that I own and it prompted me that it is still available and automatically added to the list.


Interesting ! How do you detect that usernames are invalidated by bans?


@senseifuel It should check if the usernames are available, but if it didn’t work for you, I don’t know, it might be outdated, haven’t use it in a while.

@RaphaelReborn This script is different, because it doesn’t use the official Instagram API, that’s why you need an account to login and check the availability of the usernames. You can check the source if you want to know exactly how it works.


Thanks for sharing!


Keep getting a SyntaxError: invalid syntax on line 18, any advice on fixing this?


Thanks Bro <3


I don’t know, I am having the same issue ;(


You can use as well.
It’s not perfect but does the job


Thanks, but the main reason for using this script is checking and entire list at once. Easier than manually doing them lol


This one al least I can use it as I don’t know how to make this script work :blush:, thank you for this share :+1:


yeah i know what you mean i use to search for 5 and 6 letters words with similar tools but that was a while ago.


Great stuff. Thanks for this share. Makes it easier to look for usernames available.