Instagram uses AI to filter offensive and spammy comments

Just read this on news

Any thoughts?


old news but its a good thing

I also think it’s a good thing. Everybody hates spammers and we shouldn’t act like one of them.
If we need to add a bunch of comments/photos we should do it in a smart way with spintax.


A trick not commenting spammy things

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So now we are becoming robot masters…

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It is bad news. The more they go in to bullshit like elections the more they drag attention to people like us. Who just wants to make a buck or making their dream come true …

Haha… Funny, i think that is the better way to protect community. You didn’t have to spammy to make buck.

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but you’re using a bot. Either i lost what you actually meant or i dunno. Because what i mean is that the more they drag attention to bots the more ig and all this b.s will try to stop people from using them.

What we discuss is about spammy and offensive comment. I don’t do spammy. I’m not using bot for spammy.

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