Instagram Verification Badge

I am looking for someone to help me verify an Instagram account. It represents a small but popular clothing brand that I’ve built on the platform since 2014. There are a ton of monthly sales but I have not reached out for the required press articles. There are now other accounts that’ve popped up impersonating my trademark and I’m not even going to bother reporting to Instagram. I’ve verified that these other accounts have collected money from customers. I’m willing to negotiate with whoever can help me verify my account. There are college athletes with less than 2k followers who get verified every day so I know it’s not as difficult as many people make it out to be. Please PM your Skype or just offer more details in the message. I’m wiling to work through any requirements you may have to get it done. And please skip over me if you’re looking for an easy scam.

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Hit @HenryCooper probably he will help you with this