Instagram verification, legit? ✅

Have anyone here any knowledge about instagram verification purchase?
I asked them how much it would cost, and the cost would be 2500 dollars for them to verify your account. The only thing they needed was 8-9 articles about the company or person.

Is it legit?

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OMG 2500$ too expensive, the only thing you can do is to apply for Instagram to verify your account legally.

You can outsource this job directly to article writers, you don’t need them as middle-man. These articles are just tools to make the company/person look genuine. If the company is registered, even better.

After that, you can apply for the verification badge at IG Support with all of this in hand.

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Would you mind expanding on this a bit? I’m
Curious as to how I could do this for my own personal musician page. :slight_smile:
I have no idea what kind of articles or pieces can be put towards a verification badge. Any guidance would be very much appreciated!!

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please dont answer if you dont have any knowledge about it.

Be very careful when considering this. Some people charge $250, some $1,000, some $2,500 and even more.

They claim they are the best but you have generally have no recourse and from what I’ve read, most of the time they are outright scams. They will try sell you on how good they are, they will tell you that they’ll give you refunds if it doesn’t work etc., but I have heard mostly horror stories.

Edit: If you have money to burn on some tests, then sure, go for it. but don’t do it unless you have some money to spend on it in case it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

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They are pretty respected from what i have heard of.

Exactly, take care of 7/10 people will steal your money, or they will do nothing and say that it will not be possible, but they collect money :frowning: So you have to be careful when buying such a service. I also wanted to buy this service with one client recently, but after reflecting, we do not want to risk so much money. It is better to read articles on this subject and try it yourself. Maybe you will succeed and then you will earn huge money: D Regards <3

Only you can take a chance or ask if you can pay half of the money now.
And the next half pay, after the service, or make a contract because they are not small money :slight_smile:

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Have you got first hand accounts from trusted sources? Can you independently verify that it has worked?
Always take anything in the world of IM with a pinch of salt… actually, make it a spoon of salt.

Yet why outsource as you can apply for the bluetick yourself.

You may send all these articles including required ID to IG, and they will proceed the verification process for you. Keep the 2500 dollars.
There is no secret hacks into it.
If you wanna spice it up a bit, you can create a wikipedia page for the person who may have interest in getting verified. Connect that person’s facebook account to their IG account.if they have a website that could be linked too.

It’s all about showing that the person is genuine.

And what these people do, is mostly the same thing. I witness ordibary people getting verified. Some of them have 5 or 10K followers.
They apply for you the same way. If they manage to get it for you, you’ll pay, if not you’ll get a refund. I do not work with Justanotherpanel, but from what i remember from bhw, their latest reviews aren’t that promising. You might wanna check that out.

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I can’t talk for personal accounts just for companys. But in Austria a lot of companys with really bad accounts have the blue tick. it seems account quality or size does not matter at all. As long as you are a registerd company it should not be that hard to get it.

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Got companies verified before?

I have friends with less than 5k accounts that are verified, You can probably do it yourself by manipulating the media. And like everyone says, having a Wikipedia page.

I read that they were banned from bhw.