Instagram Verification question

Hello. I was just verified on Instagram yesterday. I’m wondering if there’s any new things or tricks I can do now that I have the badge…

Also, my accounts engagement has been way down. anyone know what’s going on? Thanks


You should be able to do tons of story views (~100k-1mil. if i’m correct) and have larger actions limits

Congrats, yes being verified will give you a bigger interval for actions (follow, unfollow, stories, posting…etc) you can grow your account even faster.

From what I have heard you can comment as much as you want too.
How did you get verified? Did you just follow the steps in the App itself?

Congrats man!!

That’s the goal. Can you let us know a range how much it cost you to get to it? 5k ~10k?

Think most of the things have already been mentioned, but I’m badged too and I’ve just noticed a lot of slack in general, I once managed to DM like 150 people in the span of half an hour, and I didn’t stop because I got blocked my hand just got tired lol.

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Wow, that is some nasty option :smiley: Only sky is the limit for those accounts :smiley: