Instagram Verification (verified elsewhere)

Hey everyone. I have my account verified everywhere for a long while now (Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, etc.) yet it seems impossible to get verified on Instagram. I know they care about press which I don’t really have at the moment, are there any legit, cheap services that could submit my request through the media portal, it would basically just be saying I’m already verified elsewhere.

Thoughts, ideas, etc. Let me know what you guys think.

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How did you get verified on Twitter/Facebook? :thinking:


I don’t really know of such service but having accounts verified everywhere should help.

typically costs $3.5-5K for IG verification as a service

I have the panel to request any of my accounts to be verified, I don’t have the Instagram version of this though. Twitter was with a connect. The stupidest part about Instagram is that they’re owned by Facebook so it’s hilarious to me that Facebook verifies me but Instagram doesn’t.

I know you can buy it in the thousands, I’m looking more for someone that can do it in the low hundreds, cause again the justification part of why it should be verified should be very easy with everything else already being verified.


95% of services that offer that to you are scam. So take care when paying to get verified

There are great press services that arent so expensive. Spend on them few hundreds and will be alright

we can help -you need strong press and a good looking account too

do you have a wiki page?

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