Instagram via VPS manually

Hey peeps,

I was wondering if I can run my accounts manually through a VPS and if the external IP of the machine will be enough for 5 to 10 accounts. Will be using to verify numbers etc.

I wouldn’t put that many on a VPS IP, actually I wouldn’t put any on there if your able to. I would get some proxies if you can.

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Great thank you! Have you ever used a VPS IP before to manage accounts manually?

VPS is not recommended to be used for your IG accounts. These IPs were probably used it the past and could be misused already, so this way you are putting your account into risk. I would go with proxies…

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as RustyBread said, don’t even think about that :laughing: you probably lose your accounts quickly.

a lot of VPS addresses are blacklisted by IG, so you can try/test one account from the VPS and check the outcome, if you face issues, use proxies or find a better VPS with a better reputation.

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