Instagram VPS - 600 Accounts


Does anyone know of a VPS that could handle 600 Instagram accounts. They will be following between 500-800 people a day. It would be a huge help if somebody could point me in the right direction.


Better get 2 VPS with 300 accounts on each. It’s not recommended using that many accounts in Mass Planner, doesn’t matter how powerful the VPS is.

How would I go about running more then 1 VPS?

Purchase 2 different vps’s, Then make two seperate remote desktop connections which both lead to their servers. After that just add another license for massplanner put them on both and call it a day :smiley: if im not mistaken…

Is this all possible on one computer.?

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totally, just google man… literally make 2 accoutns with a vps service. duplicate the process to put it on one computer you dingus.

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thanks, sorry i’m half retard

Not nice thing to say, even if it’s about yourself :slight_smile:

joke aside, if you don’t know what you’re doing and by reading your posts it looks like you’re not really into IG and VPS stuff, maybe you should start on smaller scale, 50-100 accounts and one VPS. If you see there’s potential, then scale up.

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This newly created topic might be relevant for you:

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Thanks, already took a look at it. Brandon really contributes a lot to this forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to help me though :smiley:

edit: woops, didn’t check date. sorry for bumping this

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