Instagram vs Facebook ads

Hello guys, so I was working with one of my clients for last 2 years. And last month his business went down, and he owed me some money. He didn’t have any money to pay me, so he sent me some items that are worth around 200$ more then he owed me. Now I have few 100s of products, like phone cases, tempered glass, phone holders, and some other smaller gadgets.

I want to sell them in my country, I live in Croatia. I created page on Instagram and facebook. I want to try with ads, and target people in my country and see how will they respond and how will the sales go.

The question is, should I invest more money on Facebook ads, or Instagram ads? Where will I get better reach, results for money spent.


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Facebook ads are way better in terms of engagement. You can easily sell them on Facebook marketplace also(List an item as three left or something, and dont tell them you have in bulk(to avoid you know who)).

Instagram is known for its branding, since you want to just sell this and done - Facebook is number 1 pick.

This is going to be hard, it’s not as simple as choosing the right platform and place to advertise. Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook advertising, both require a budget that’s just for tracking preliminary data. You’ll never get an ROI straight off the bat. Expect to burn through $100-1000 just to find a winning ad set for 1 product.

Hvala stari :slight_smile:

Yea I know it will take time, I am ready to lose some money to make money, that’s something you need to do in most businesses hehe

It’s all about testing brother :slight_smile: