Instagram was disabled account by mistake

Hi, my username is jamila on instagram.
and my account was disabled by mistake for pretending someone else. I’ve submitted my ID proofs and it has been a week and still can’t get my account back!

Keep emailing them every day, using a different email address on the form each time.
A new email address generates a new case for them, which will actually be looked at.
Keep at it and eventually an email will hit a nice/new employee who will help you.

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What he said: I submitted over 10 requests on one of my accounts before receiving my account back. The key is multiple requests and mentioning in the email you did no wrong.

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I did it once and got a response - they want a photo of me holding up a piece of paper with a given number on it.
Too much effort for a newly created slave.

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everyday I do it regularly and it really seems so ridiculous for me that I have to deal with a problem which Instagram has made. I have submitted the form more than 100 times, emailed them and still nobody from instagram community operations want to help me! :frowning:

Do it using a different email address each time - apparently if they ignore the first request from an email, the rest with that email address don’t even get looked at.

How can you use a different email? don’t you have to use the one email connected to the instagram account?