Instagram WAS down - In case you were wondering

Looks pretty dead to me:


is it still down on your side guys?

IG itself seems to be back up, at least for browsing.

Seems to have been a FB wide outage :smiley:


yeah seems to be working fine on my side on both app and browser

Was down today, also noticed past day and today that 10% of my clients got password resets / comprimised. Are they trying to shut us down again?

This happens only for few mins… After that work good both on app and browser


naah i don’t think so, things seems to be working fine on my side and other collogues side so i guess it was just an issue from there side that they have fixed

I haven’t had compromised issue in a long time. Did you check if those clients perhaps log in to their accounts outside of the night mode you set on those accounts?

When IG went down, I had a strange weight lifted off my shoulders :sweat_smile: It was nice while it lasted!

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I was shocked when nothing working on my account and my eyes are opened up for a while😮
Then i checked on browser that image 5xxServer Error gave me a relief that my account performing well its all about IG error